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Business Analysis

  • Economic - financial analysis

  • Competitive positioning analysis

  • Analysis of the success variables in BtoB and / or BtoC market

Business Strategy

  • Evaluation of the legal methods of trademark protection: creation of anteriority and international scouting

  • Consolidation of market positioning and identification of development trajectories

  • Economic and financial performance analysis

  • Choice of product / service positioning

  • Enhancement of the product

  • Feasibility analysis to start new business projects

  • Analysis and design for the launch of new products

  • Analysis of communication and marketing models

  • Data Analytics & Data Mining

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Change Management

  • Green Procurement

  • Risk management

  • Business Process Services

  • Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB)

Services oriented to the product or service and its marketing and delivery

  • Packaging study

  • Analysis of the composition of the products

  • Sensory analysis, market testing

  • Choice of exhibition layout

  • Enhancement of the nutritional, green and sustainability variables or of the certifications obtained

  • Labeling analysis

  • Analysis of export models

  • Analysis of legislative compliance (and management of non-compliance)
  • Communication and marketing tools related to the product

  • Analysis and application of “free from” brands or other successful claims

Analysis of the organizational structure and HR service

  • Consultancy on corporate organizational models

  • Personnel analysis and development

  • Training activities dedicated to the operational and management areas

Facilitated finance services

  • Feasibility analysis of the projects for the recovery of the tax credit

  • Feasibility analysis of development and industry 4.0 projects

  • Subsidized loans and non-repayable contributions

Sustainability management and communication services

  • Environmental management systems

  • Sustainability report

  • Circular Economy Business Models

Innovation Management Services

  • Implementation of the technologies envisaged by the National Business Plan 4.0

  • Analysis and introduction of new technologies and training

  • Guide to business change

  • Analysis of the company's digitalization process

Business Analysis
Business Strategy
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